Some Extremely Useful Health Tips for your Health

Some Extremely Useful Health Tips for your Health:

  Our health is more important than any other thing.If we want to live a happy and healthy life we should keep our body hale and healthy.Here are some very useful healthy tips for your good health.


Walk at least upto 40 minutes daily.It is very useful for your overall health.Doing simple exercises at home daily will also be helpful .Yoga also is very helpful in maintaining your body health.

2.Fresh Fruits and Vegefruitstables:

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily instead of eating junk food which is bad for your health.


Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol. A cigarette has over 4000 harmful chemicals.

4.Best Way To Reduce Fatty Belly :

Mix Ginger juice and Honey and take daily.This will reduce your fatty belly.5.Excessive Food Intake:

Avoid eating fast food and ready made cool drinks.These things do more harm than good to your body.It will lead to obesity.


Drink buttermilk.It is better than curd as it has full of good bacterias.

7.Fresh Mint Tea:

Taking fresh mint tea is a good medicine for cold and cough.


Avoid stress to the maximum.It can lead to depression and heart problems.

9.Salt Intake:

Take less sodium in your food.Too much salt intake is the main cause for kidney stone formation and high blood pressure.

10.Annoying Mosquitoes:

Drive away annoying mosquitoes by using mosquito nets and by applying mosquito repellant creams on your body.This will protect you from diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

11.Superb Glowing Face Method:

In order to get a glowing face, just pat your face many times while applying facial cream on your face.Instead of simply rubbing the cream,patting will be a fantastic way to get a shiny face.


Ginger is not only useful for your health but also highly useful for your healthy and strong hair.Using ginger helps reduce hair loss.

13.Food Before Sleep:

Avoid eating excessively before going to bed as it will increase your body weight.

14.Washing Fruits:

Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly if you want to eat them fresh and raw.

15.Raw Meat:

Avoid eating raw meats.It is better to eat well-cooked meat rather then eating raw.

16.Oily Food:

If you are obese, you should avoid fatty, oily and sugary food items.


Honey is extremely beneficial in providing moisture to the dry skin.Honey can be applied on the face for 30 minutes and be rinsed thoroughly for getting a shiny and glowing face.

18.Wrinkles Removal:

If you want to remove wrinkles and acne scars, egg white can be a best remedy as it is protein rich.

19.Papaya Fruit:

Eat papaya fruits daily.It is rich in Vitamin A which is good for your skin.Mango fruit also is useful in fighting against ageing.

20.Hot and Cold Shower:

During summer, avoid hot showers.Instead, take a cool shower.It helps decrease acne breakouts.


If you are in the initial stage of diabetes, it is essential to consult a doctor immediately.He will advise you to take proper medicines.

22.Green Chillies:

If you eat green chillies more, it may lead to ulcer.


Eating onions will help you reduce excessive fat and it is also good for food digestion.


Garlic effectively fights cancer and stops the growth of cancer cells.Do not forget to include garlic daily in your food items.


To improve sexual pleasure, vaginoplasty[ A surgery in the vagina] can be beneficial.It helps a woman regain strength lost in the child birth.


Eating apple daily is very good for your health.An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

27.Brushing Teeth:

Do not forget to brush your teeth daily both in the morning and in the evening.This helps drive away the bad bacterias from your teeth.Brushing teeth well also helps preventing heart disease.


Go to bed early and sleep atleast upto 8 hours during the night.It is also a good habit to rise early in the morning.

29.Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is beneficial to your health in many ways.It  reduces your stress levels and blood sugar levels.It is said to have good cholestrol. It gives your hair a shiny look.

30.Green Tea:

Drinking green tea helps you reduce your weight and it is good for your heart also.It improves your blood circulation and fights against cancer cells.

31. Almonds:

Almonds are tastier to eat and have several health benefits.Eating almonds daily is very good for your bones and teeth.Almonds contain Vitamin A,vitamin B and Vitamin E.They also have magnesium,calcium,potassium and iron.Almonds are good for your brain health too.They help you reduce bad cholestrol and high blood pressure.

32.Olive Oil:

Olive oil helps fight cancerous cells and reduces the spread of existing cancer in your body.It also helps you in relieving pain and helps reduce inflammation.Olive oil is also the best remedy for Arthiritis,Heart Disease,Diabetes,and Stress related problems.


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