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Did you ever wonder why the Japanese are fit and live longer?

Did you ever wonder why the Japanese are fit and live longer?

Did you ever imagine why do all the people living in Asia

especially the Japanese people live longer and remain fit and

health throughout their lives?

You may have doubt naturally that the Japanese who live in

the cities do not fare well as the people who are residing in

the country sides of Japan.Even if so, why most of them look

younger and remain fit and healthy even in their 60’s and


Recently conducted studies show that the people living in

Okinawa in Japan are lving well past 100 and do not seem to

appear old.They look slim and fit.How is it possible?

When you are healthy and fit you will have less chances of

being affected with dangerous diseases like Cancer,Heart

Disease and even diseases like Alzheimer’s.The people living

in Okinawa never eat junk food,artificial sweeteners and

modern preservatives like the people living in the United

Japanese people have long before found out the idea of

eating only natural food free from any preservatives.Did they

learn from science before 1000 years? I don’t think so.They

are fit and healthy because of their natural food.They have

been maintaining this habit throughout their lives.That is why

they look younger and live for more than 100 years.

Heavy Exercise:

We are most of the times misguided when it comes to losing

weight.There is a misconception that running burns your

calories faster!It is a fact that you can burn only upto 100

calories per mile.You should note that running continuously

will damage your joints and it may lead to the build up of

scar tissue which may lead to heart attack!One more point is

that your metabolism comes back to normal when you stop


Eating Less:

We think that when we eat less food, we lose weight.When you

starve,your body craves for more food and whatever you eat

converts into fat deposits!.Eating less also breaks down muscle

tissue for energy.

There is a simple and very effective way of losing

weight,looking great and feeling good.This method will never

ask you to run till you drop,spend hours in the gym,starve

yourself to death in order to lose weight.

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